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Brain Pad® Mouthguard Lo Pro+- [14525]

Covers upper and lower teeth with a low profile comfort design. Promotes breathing while clenching and fits over braces. Mouthguard case included.

Colors: Clear, Black/Clear or Blue/Clear

Sizes: Junior, Adult

Century® Mouthguard System- [1458]

Complete single mouthguard system includes two single clear mouthpieces and a carrying case.

Sizes: Youth; Adult

Double Mouthpiece- [1453]

Custom fits in seconds for both the upper and lower teeth. Pre-formed breathing hole. Imported.

Sizes: Youth or Adult

Mouthpiece Case- [1455]

Promotes cleanliness. Convenient impact-resistant plastic carrying case. Imported.

Colors: White, Red, Blue, Pink Glitter, Black or Clear

Shock Doctor™ Case- [14586]

Antibacterial and heavy duty ventilated case provides secure and clean storage.

Color: Black

Size: One Size

Shock Doctor™ Double Braces- [14589]

A special Ortho-Channel fits around both the upper and lower brace brackets and adapts to changes in tooth position as braces are adjusted, providing an instant fit. Breathing channels through the center of the mouthguard allow for free flow of air a

Shock Doctor™ Gel Max- [14581]

Heavy-duty rubber exoskeleton shock frame provides maximum fit and support. Latex-free guard has jaw joint and concussion resistance. Includes manufacturer's dental warranty.

Colors: Blue/Black or Pink

Sizes: Youth or Adult

Shock Doctor™ Pro- [14583]

Single mouthguard is scientifically designed for comfort and includes jaw pads jaw pads with built-in breathing channel. Includes manufacturer's dental warranty.

Color: Smoke

Sizes: Youth or Adult

Shock Doctor™ Ultra STC- [14582]

The Gel-Fit liner custom molds to teeth for a tight git. The shock transfer core design guards against high-impact jaw blows and concussions. Not for use with braces. Includes manufacturer's dental warranty.

Color Blue

Sizes: You

Single Mouthpiece- [1451]

Easy to prepare and a custom fit in seconds! Imported.

Colors: Blue, Clear, Red or Black

Sizes: Youth or Adult

TapouT® Mouthguard- [1460T]

Advanced mouthguard for the fiercest competitors. Backed by a $30,000 Dental Warranty, the TapouT mouthguard’s patented design was painstakingly created by a team of dentists, doctors and professional athletes. Two mouthguards are included in each pac

TapouT® Mouthguard Case- [1461T]

Show your style and keep up to two mouthguards clean with this TapouT Mouthguard Case. Mouthguards not included.

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