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Century® Black Label Curved Punch Mitts- [142012]

Get the most out of your training with these durable punch mitts. Designed to hold up to everyday use, these polyurethane mitts offer a secure fit featuring a contoured ball grip along with guided channels for proper finger placements. The hook and lo

Century® Black Label Double Target- [10219]

Hear the ‘clap’ you are looking for with the new Black Label Double Focus Target! Perfect for practicing any variety of flashy kicks and eye catching punches, this double target is composed of long lasting polyurethane as well soft foam padding for im

Century® Black Label Single Target- [10218]

A new addition to the Black Label line, this clapper target is an ideal piece of training equipment. The easy grip contoured handle features a wrist strap while the polyurethane construction promotes durability. The interior foam padding makes for a s

Century® Curved Thai Pad- [104000]

The versatility of this thai pad makes it an essential tool for all styles of martial arts. The pad is constructed of No-Rip polyurethane with heavy-duty foam padding for extensive use. The curved design helps catch strikes and the reinforced handles

Century® Extra Long Thai Pad- [104002]

This muay thai pad is designed extra-long to catch everything! Constructed of No-Rip polyurethane and heavy-duty foam padding for extensive use. Handles are reinforced and feature hook/loop wrist and arm closures for a firm fit. Imported.


Century® Extra Thick Thai Pad- [104001]

Give it all you’ve got, this pad can take it! The extra-thick, heavy-duty foam padding and reinforced handles with hook/loop closure around wrists and arms are made for extensive use. Constructed of No- Rip polyurethane with hook/loop closure. Import

Century® Gold Leather Extra Thick Thai Pad- [103001]

Heavy duty foam padding stands up to vigorous workouts. Reinforced handles with double polyurethane and hook/loop wrist and arm closures offer a comfortable, secure fit. Constructed of genuine leather with an extra-thick design for heavy duty kicking

Century® Long Focus Mitt - [144011]

The extra-long design will help you stay focused and provides an extended punching surface. Constructed of high-density foam padding with a contoured wrist and hook and loop strap closure. The palm features a target zone and is moisture-wicking for b

Century® Short Focus Mitt- [144012]

Roll with the punches in this polyurethane focus mitt featuring a contoured wrist and palm target. The palm is constructed of breathable, quick drying dopling fabric and the shorter design allows far more focused punches. Imported.

Sold in pai

DiamondTech™ Curved Punch Mitts- [149051]

This punch mitt features DiamondTech fabric engineered for exceptional durability. The curved design allows for more versatility during training. There are also finger slots to give the wearer a tighter grip. These mitts breath incredibly well and are

Extra Long Thai Pad- [103002]

Extra-long design provides increased hitting surface with heavy-duty foam padding made for extensive use. Features reinforced handles with double polyurethane and hook/loop closure on the wrists and arms for a comfortable, secure fit. Exterior is con

Junior Throwing Buddy- [10159]

Junior Throwing Buddy is the best way for kids to practice their throwing and grappling techniques. Junior never gets hurt and can take as many throws as you can dish out. Beginners can focus 100% knowing that they have control. Made of fiber filled

Kid Kick Blocker- [1054]

Kid Kick Shield- [1035]

A red nylon cover is sewn over a cushion of high density foam. Two back handles allow the holder to keep a secure grip. Size: 16 inches x 12 inches x 5 inches thick.

Leather Curved Thai Pad- [103000]

The reinforced handle with double polyurethane features hook/loop wrist and arm closures for a secure fit. Constructed of genuine leather with a curved design and heavy-duty foam padding to hold up to extensive use. Imported.

Sold individually.

Leather Long Focus Mitt- [143011]

The long design provides extra punching surface and is fi lled with high-density thick foam padding and a moisture-wicking palm for better breathability. The palm also has a target zone to practice exact strikes. The exterior is constructed of genuine

Leather Short Focus Mitt- [143012]

The shorter design of this mitt is meant for more focused punching with acomfortable contoured wrist and laced closure. The exterior is constructedof genuine leather fi lled with high-density, thick foam padding. The palmis made of a breathable, quick

Leather Training Gloves- [143001]

The glove is constructed of genuine leather with a padded thumb and foam padding surrounding the hitting surface. It features a completely open palm and comfortable finger hold area for increased movement when grappling and has a wrap around wristwra

Lil' Dragon® Blocker- [1057]

A 12 inch blocking surface covered with 200 denier nylon. 17 inches overall length makes this blocker perfect for your Lil' Dragon.

Lil' Dragon® Hand Target- [1058]

200 denier nylon filled with compressed foam. Back web straps and finger loop allows the holder a secure grip. 9 inches x 11 inches x 3 inches. ** Each sold separately. Perfect for the young martial artist!!

Makiwara Board- [1072]

Designed for toughening the elbows, feet, knuckles and various other striking areas. Filled with dense impact resistant foam. Covered with heavy cotton duck canvas. Size: 12 inches x 9 inches x 1-3/4 inches.

Oval Target- [1023]

Made of thick durable foam covered in 16 oz. black vinyl. Three web strap handles, one with a clear PVC handle. Size: 11-1/2 inches x 17 inches x 3-1/2 inches thick.

Sold individually

Powerline Square Hand Target- [10221]

16 oz. nylon reinforced vinyl. Back web straps and finger loop allow the holder a secure grip. Available in Black or Blue. Size: 10 inches x 11 inches x 4 inches thick.

Sold individually

Single Blocker- [1055]

Strike Film- [10556]

Strike film makes a distinct sound when contact is made. It's easy to use and makes focus training fun for all ages. Three 10 x 12 inch x-ray film sheets per pack.

Size: 10 inches x 12 inches

UFC® Long Focus Mitt- [145061]

This is the ultimate training target for martial arts. The punch mitt is ideal for practicing punches, straight-on jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. The unique contoured shape creates superb target control and can be worn on either hand. It includes high-d

UFC® MMA Punch Mitt- [14350P]

Improve speed and accuracy with these truly dynamic MMA Punch mitts. Built of durable polyurethane, these mitts offer multi-layered foam for impact dispersion, finger slots for target control and a curved designed that supports the palm while catching

UFC® Punch Mitts- [14347P]

Punch mitt features a unique contoured shape for superb target control. Its high-density, molded foam padding provides solid shock absorption. Can be worn on either hand and used alone or in pairs. Sold individually. Imported.

Size: Standar

UFC® Youth MMA Training Set- [144110YP]

Train just like your favorite UFC athlete with this Youth MMA Training Set includes a pair of youth bag gloves that feature a cushioned grip bar along with an attached thumb and an elastic wrist wrap for easy on and off. The headgear includes padding

Youth Punch Mitts- [10660]

This is the perfect sized punching target surface for young martial artists' training. Sold in pairs. Imported

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