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28" Bokken with Wood Scabbard- [12628]

ActionFlex™ Bad Boy Sword- [12689]

The Actionflex Badboy sword is part of the all new actionflex series. USA.

Color: Black

Size: 40

ActionFlex™ Classic Sword- [12688]

Part of the new Samurai series, the Actionflex Classic Sword is designed to more realistically mimic the weapons they represent. The sword features oval handles, a curved blade and a balanced, patented piston system that offers a realistic approach to

ActionFlex™ Swords- [12686]

ActionFlex™ padded weapons are designed to allow students to spar and train at 100% of their strength and speed. Now training can capture all the rigors of the full-contact experience. Each weapon features the non-slip, Sure-Grip impact handle and sho

Adult Rattan Cane- [1266]

Great for the Filipino and Hapkido Martial Artist. Constructed from lightweight rattan. Imported.

Size: Adult

Length: 34"

Diameter: 1"

Aluminum Alloy Samurai Sword, Long- [122]

Black sword guard.

** Note: Due to state laws, we are not allowed to sell this item in the following states: MA, CA, AR and NY.

** Note: There is an additional shipping charge of $5.00 for this item.

Black Shirasaya Sword- [123718]

Size: 38-1/2 inches Overall Length; 27-1/4 inch Blade Length

**Note: Due to state laws, we are not allowed to sell this item in the following states: CA, MA and NY.

***Note: There is an additional $5.00 shipping charge fo

Bokken, Practice Sword- [1262]

Tool for practicing techniques of the sword.

**Note: There is an additional shipping charge of $5.00 for this item.

Bokken with Scabbard- [12631]

Handle features a contrasting nylon cording with metal end caps with wood handguard. Three colors to choose from.

Total Length: 41 inches
Blade Details: Hardwood, 28-1/2 inches
Colors: Natural with Black

Bokken With Wood Scabbard- [12627]

Size: 41 inches
Color: Natural

***Note: There is an additional $5.00 shipping charge for this item.

Chinese Broadsword- [123526]

This Chinese, stainless steel blade sword is a perfect replica for display or tournament. the red and green cloths accentuate the tan leather handle. Blade Length: 30"

Overall length: 37-1/2"

Weight: 1 LB 5.5 OZ.

Competition Sword- [CS1]

The rectangular aluminum hand guard has a satin finish. Half tang construction. Blade is not sharpened. Three lengths to choose from.

Total Length: 28 inches Blade Details: 19 inches long, Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Conqueror Katana- [123521]

A tribute to the katana’s popularity as both a weapon and an elegant cultural piece, the Conqueror Katana offers striking coloring in blue, red, or black and a coordinating cord-wrapped handle. The tsuba also features an intricate sunburst design. Bla

Dana Abbott Iaito - [123121]

Blade Length: 28-1/2" from bottom of tsuba
Handle Length: 10-5/8"
Overall Length: 39-1/2"

Dana Abbott Katana Sword- [123123]
Dana Abbott Katana XL Sword- [123124]

The newly designed Katana XL sword colloquially called, ³The Cutter,² is a heavy Katana that is ideal for serious competitive cutting. Its design incorporates the geometry, strength, weight and profile needed by practitioners. Replicating the craftsma

Dana Abbott Wakizas Sword- [123122]
Dragon Carved Sword- [123554]

This sword features a black scabbard along with red carved dragon detail. The scabbard features a black cord wrapping as does the handle. A silver dragon is carved into the tsuba and handle cap. Rectangle tsuba. Imported.

Colors: Pink, Red,

Dragon Sword- [123527]

This impressive carbon steel blade sword features a dynamic dragon decal on the sheath. The cord-wrapped handle is the same color as the corded accent on the sheath. For display only. Imported.

Blade Length: 26-3/4"

Handle Length:

Foam Bokken- [12625]

Durable and lightweight red oak encased in 1/4 inch thick black foam rubber.

**Note: There is an additional shipping charge of $5.00 for this item.

Four Piece Traditional Samurai Kanji Sword Set- [123707]

Each sword features black scabbard and wrapped handle with white accent. Spoke metal hand guard. For Display Only.

Katana:26 1/2 inch Blade, 38 3/4 inches Overall Length.
Wakizashi: 19 1/2 inch Blade, 30 inches Overall

Hand Crafted Katana with Round Guard - Full Tang- [123733]

The handle and lacquer finished scabbard are embellished with a black cotton cord wrap. Also includes a deluxe sword cleaning kit and a sateen sword bag.

Total Length: 40-1/4 inches
Blade Details: 29 inches long - Sha

Imperial Sword- [123549]

Sword comes complete with a black lacquer scabbard with red accent strikes. The scabbard features a black and red cord wrapping. Matte black circular tsuba with carved out spaces. A cream skin handle is accented with black and red cord wrapping. Also

Kendo Shinai- [1261]

The shinai is invested with the spirit of the real sword.

**Note that there is an additional shipping fee of $5.00 for this item.

Lighter Weight Bokken- [12621]

Includes one plastic tsuba and one rubber stopper.

Size: 40 inches
Color: Natural

Padded Weapons Headgear- [11485]

Versatile headgear with high-density foam adjusts for sevure fitting comfort. Removable face cage and throat guard fastens with hook and loop closeure. Small Samurai Kanji symbol printed on the back. Imported.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Red Cord Wrapped Samurai Sword- [123511]

Double edge stainless steel blade with blood groove, decorative tsuba, and red cord wrapped handle. Comes with red accented mahogany lacquer scabbard. For display only. Imported.

Total Length: 41"

Ronin Weapon Holster- [11489]

Draw your weapons! This polycarbonate holster is engineered to fit ActionFlex™ padded weapons. The included cord allows you to tie the weapon holster to your belt so your weapon can sit conveniently at your hip.

Color: Clear

Size: On

Royal Jin Tachi Sword- [123725]

Size: 41-1/2 inches Overall Length; 27 inch Blade Length

**Note: Due to state laws, we are not allowed to sell this item in the following states: CA, MA and NY.

***Note: There is an additional $5.00 shipping charge for th

Samurai Decal- [123528]

This classic carbon steel blade sword features samurai illustrations and kanji decals decorate the sheath. The round tsuba design accents the cord-wrapped handle. For display only. Imported.

Blade Length: 26-3/4"

Handle Length: 1

Sword Oil- [12352]

Formulated to shield against corrosion for high-carbon steel blades and other edged weapons. Contains Petroleum Distills.

Tanto, Wooden Knife- [1005]

The tanto is a tool for practicing knife techniques.

Traditional Competition Sword- [CS2]

26" or 23" long curved aluminum blade with wavy serration on both sides of blade surface. Black wooden scabbard with black or pink cord belting. Plastic handle wrapped with black or pink ribbon. Black tsuba and cap on handle. Half tang construction. I

Two-Piece Brown Wood Grain Look Katana Set- [123710]

Decorative metal dragon pieces in handle and handguard. Also features a traditional cord wrapped scabbard to accent the wood-grain look of the set. For display only. Includes black display stand.

Two Tone Samurai Sword- [123515]

Two toned red and black blade with a square shaped tsuba and a black and white cord wrapped handle. Black lacquer finished scabbard engraved with kanji. For display only. Imported.

Total Length: 41"

Vindicator Katana- [123520]

Stunning scabbard detailing and an interesting square tsuba design on the Warrior Katana create an impressive presentation for martial art sword enthusiasts. Choose from three distinctive color themes; blue with gold accents, red with smoke accents, a

White Oak Bokken- [12620]

Made of traditional white oak.

XMA® Serrated (Wave) Competition Sword- [XS2]
This beautiful and fully functional XMA® sword features an aircraft-grade aluminum constructed unsharpened serrated blade. The blade has a half tang with a blood groove for optimal sound during swing. Includes webbing on the handle for extra grip with a
XMA® Xtreme Competition Sword- [XS1]

Handle and scabbard are made from natural red oak. Ribbon wrap design detail on handle serves for better grip. Scabbard has an easy quick draw design. Includes braided cording for securing your sword to the scabbard. XMA logo is also laser engraved o

Youth Bokken- [12624]

Size: 33 inches
Color: Natural

Youth Foam Bokken- [12626]

Handle is covered in open cell 1/4 inch thick foam for better grip. Blade area is covered in 1/4 inch closed cell foam. Comes complete with polythelene handguard. Available in two lengths.

Sizes: 33 Inches or 40 Inches.


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