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10 Level Expandable Belt Display- [13030]

An attractive and functional design makes this expandable belt display an ideal way to represent your hard-earned belts. Easily attach slat extensions (sold separately, item #13031). The 10 level display does not include belts. Imported.


Basic Knife Disarming- [189345D]

Together, Sensei Alonzo D. Cheatham and his son, Sensei Alonzo T. Cheatham will demonstrate to you how to effectively take your attacker to the ground, disarm them from their knife, all while keeping yourself out of harm's way. APPROX 54 min

Basic Single Stick Eskrima - [SIPIND]

Volume 1: Instructor Thomas Sipin and his son Kelii, a fourth degree Doce Pares Eskrima black belt, will show you the basic techniques for single stick eskrima. These techniques include gripping, multiple strikes, and the classifications of strike

Combat Street Survival Gun & Knife Defense- [189214D]

Alonzo Cheatham gives you tips and skills to defend yourself while on the streets when attacked with, or without weapons.

Volume 1: Gun & Knife Defense

Volume 2: Fun & Knife Defense

Daniel Sterling Rock Solid: Kamas Series Titles - [189323D]

Daniel has captured over 18 World titles to date from numerous Competitions Circuits along with many International Titles, for his high flying and dynamic performances.

Volume 1: Kama Basics

Volume 2: Intermediate Kamas


Extensions for Belt Display- [13031]

Easily attach slat extensions to add each newly earned belt as you progress in your program. Each extension adds two slats, accommodating programs with more than 10 levels. These slats only attach to item #13030. Imported.

Frank Shamrock Fight Series Titles- [189118D]

In this series, he reveals the secret to his success in the mixed martial arts (MMA) and demonstrates how to train to become a champion. Six volume titles to choose from.

Volume 1: Power Striking Deadly combinations, proper punchi

Jeet Kune Do for Real-World Combat with Paul Vunak- [VUNAKD]

Paul shares his knowledge of how to apply Jeet Kune Do for survival in the streets. These are the brutal techniques that he taught the US Navy SEALs, intended for military combat and self preservation. Included are lessons on stick fighting, trapping

Joshua Quartin Championship Sword- [189154D]
Vol:1 Beginner Sword-Through warm-ups, figure 8, hand rolls and stances, you will learn basic sword techniques that will improve your speed, flexibility and sword cuts. Quartin will also teach basic cut drills using downside up and hand rolls to h
Li Jing: Wushu Tai Chi- [189170D]

Li Jing is an athlete for the China Beijing Wushu Team. Learn forms and self-defense applications. Each APPROX. 44 min



Volume 3: TAI CHI

Marcel Jones Rock Solid: Tricking- [189442D]

Vol. 1
Marcel gives you comprehensive and detailed instruction on his legendary tricking style. This volume includes training on the 540, cheat 720, cheat 900, aerial, butterfly, double leg, and suicide swipe. Marcel also include variat

Matt Emig Rock Solid Chuk Techniques Series Titles- [189286D]

Volume 1: Chuk Basics Learn to select and hold chuks. Keys to stretching before training. Basic blocks and chops, block punch combos, drills and combinations. Approx. 50 min. #189286D
Volume 2: Intermediate Chuks Diagonal strik

Mike Parker Muay Thai for MMA- [189128D]

Vol 1: Boxing Basics- Learn to use the foundations of Muay Thai in MMA! In this volume, Sifu Parker teaches basic Muay Thai stance, footwork, movement, punches and combinations, defensive movement, and counter punching.

Vol 2:
Rock Solid Sword DVD with Kalman Csoka- [189494D]

Volume 1: Introduction to Sword with Kalman walks you through the core basics every sword student should know. He starts with tying the hakama and continues with drawing the sword, standard and reverse grips, chiburi and noto.

Volume 2:

Rock Solid Sword with Caitlin Dechelle- [189197D]

Caitlin is the 2008 WAKO Weapons and Forms Junior World Champion and has won over 40 other world titles in weapons and forms. She is currently ranked number one in extreme and creative forms on the NASKA competition circuit.

Volume 1: Basi

Roland Osborne Kama Series Titles- [189265D]

Begin with ten sets to practice along with and then a complete form to compete with. The form is used by many of champion students and is proven to be a success on the championship circuit.

Scott Rogers Authentic Pressure Point Series Titles - [SCOTTD]

He has also attained a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Korean Tae kwon do, 1st Dan Black Belt in Japanese Taijutsu. He has also cross trained in several other arts, most notably western boxing and Wing Chun Kung Fu. Five volume titles to choose from.

Shihan Mikio Nishiuchi Weapons Series Set- [MIKIOD]

Shihan Nishiuchi is President and founder of the International Okinawa Kobudo Association. He is a 7th degree Black Belt in Kobudo, having received his training and degrees from Shihan Matayoshi Shimpo and Kaicho Takashi Kinjo, both of Naha City, Oki

Silat for Street Self Defense with Richard Clear- [CLEARD]
This is an extremely effective way to advance your self-defense skills. in this set you will learn several defense methods, such as the Beladiri Fighting Method and Clear Silat Kun Tao 8 Set, plus several striking skills.

Volume 1: Beladiri Fig

Stay Safe Self-Defense with Clay Worley- [189196D]

Vol 1: Mini-Mites (Pre-K-1st grade)- Get Smart! Be Prepared! Clay Worley and Joye Zverina teach Pre-K through 1st graders the importance of recognizing a situation, getting away quick and reporting to a parent or autority figure. They sho
The Matt Hughes Story- [189270D]
Thomas Sipin: Defend, Control, Apprehend- [SIPIN2D]

Thomas Sipin is a 27-year police veteran (ret.) hired to do instructor training in edged weapons by the USMC and integrated force training for Homeland Security.

Volume 1: Defensive Alternatives – Establishing Control and Escort Procedures.

Thomas Sipin: Hardened Target Self Defense- [SIPIN1D]

Filipino Martial Arts, edged weapons tactics adopted by USMC instructors and firearms training are all part of the curriculum.

Volume 1: Emergency Tools – Personal Weapons

Volume 2: Ground Tactics and Impact Weapons

Volume 3

Thomas Sipin: Intermediate Eskrima- [SIPIN3D]
In 2005, Mr. Sipin became the first person born in the U.S. to earn the rank of 9th degree black belt and be named a Grandmaster of the Filipino Martial Art of Doce Pares Eskrima.

Volume 1: Corto Abesedarios and Basic Forms. Grandmaster Thomas

Wavemaster® Workout DVD with Beth Morrison- [189495D]

Follow along with personal trainer Beth Morrison as she shows you the best way to utilize the Century® Wavemaster in order to get a great workout and maximum benefits.

Volume 1: Beginner

Volume 2: Advanced

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