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Four Piece Traditional Samurai Kanji Sword Set- [123707]

Each sword features black scabbard and wrapped handle with white accent. Spoke metal hand guard. For Display Only.

Katana:26 1/2 inch Blade, 38 3/4 inches Overall Length.
Wakizashi: 19 1/2 inch Blade, 30 inches Overall

Ronin Weapon Holster- [11489]

Draw your weapons! This polycarbonate holster is engineered to fit ActionFlex™ padded weapons. The included cord allows you to tie the weapon holster to your belt so your weapon can sit conveniently at your hip.

Color: Clear

Size: On

Two-Piece Brown Wood Grain Look Katana Set- [123710]

Decorative metal dragon pieces in handle and handguard. Also features a traditional cord wrapped scabbard to accent the wood-grain look of the set. For display only. Includes black display stand.

Wall Mount Sword Rack- [1269]

Weapons Stand - [123]

Black lacquered wood stand holds three swords.

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