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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Conditioning- [18769D]

The Vacirca brother pass down to you their knowledge of effective Brazilian Jiu Jitsu conditioning. In this DVD, they have effectively integrated yoga into the training resulting in increased flexibility and strength to maximize your body's potential.

Creative and Modern Kicks with Hakan Manav- [189195D]

5th Degree Black Belt, Hakan Manav has been training in martial arts for over 20 years. Manav teaches basic kicks, combinations and more in this new DVD series.

Volume 1: Flexibility and Intro to Kicks

Volume 2: Footwork and Spe

Ed Parker Kenpo Huk- [18779D]

Great master Richard "Huk" Planas analyzes the most common mistakes and problems that practitioners come up against and shows you how to correct them. This DVD is a great way to learn from a living Kenpo legend.

Extreme Bo Tricking- [18412D]

Nate” It’s Showtime!” Andrade is a legend in sport karate for his innovative and creative use of the bo in competition. In this DVD, he shares some of his secrets on how to perform many of the most extreme bo tricks in and out of competition.

Fighter in the Wind- [18808D]

Based on a true story and modeled on a famous cartoon series by Bang Hak-ki, this is the story of Choi Bae-dal. Choi Bae-dal was a much admired karate fighter who founded a new martial art discipline, Kyokushin Karate. 120 minutes.

Hapkido Blend with Fariborz Azhakh- [FARID]

Mr. Fariborz has been trained by and worked with some of the best martial artists in the world and has risen to become a 6th Dan Hapkido Master. The “Hapkido Blend” is grounded in ancient techniques, then refined by modern knowledge and skills. This s

Harry's First Martial Arts Lesson- [18316D]

Harry is a young, energetic 6-year-old, who gets to take his first martial arts lesson. He learns to treat people with respect and learns self control.

APPROX. 20 mins.

Harry and Friends DVD- [18113D]

Follow Harry and friends who are back for an all new black belt principles adventure in this exciting children's DVD. APPROX. 23 min.

I Love Wing Chun- [18229D]

In this martial arts comedy, follow a young energetic boy who was raised and trained by martial arts experts in a peaceful country village who is called upon to demonstrate his deadly Chinese martial arts- Wing Chun. 2006. Running time: 100 min.

Ip Man- [18815D]

Volume 1 is a movie that follows the courageous life of Ip Man (Donnie Yen), the grand master of the Wing Chun style of Kung Fu and Sifu of legendary Kung Fu superstar, Bruce Lee, when teh Japanese invaded his village during the late 1930's. 107 minut

Jeet Kune Do for Real-World Combat with Paul Vunak- [VUNAKD]

Paul shares his knowledge of how to apply Jeet Kune Do for survival in the streets. These are the brutal techniques that he taught the US Navy SEALs, intended for military combat and self preservation. Included are lessons on stick fighting, trapping

Joshua Quartin Championship Sword- [189154D]
Vol:1 Beginner Sword-Through warm-ups, figure 8, hand rolls and stances, you will learn basic sword techniques that will improve your speed, flexibility and sword cuts. Quartin will also teach basic cut drills using downside up and hand rolls to h
Krav Maga Universal- [PMA3D]

Learn practical strikes, kicks, and combatives that are essential for surviving a violent encounter in this two part Krav Maga series. A great learning tool for those who are interested in honing their self-defense skills.

Volume 1: Basic <

Kubotan- [18772D]

Learn loads of blocks, wrist locks, take downs, strikes, and combinations in this "weapon of opportunity" DVD. Taught by Master Kubota, the creator of the Kubaton. Approx. 55 minutes

Mike Parker Muay Thai for MMA- [189128D]

Vol 1: Boxing Basics- Learn to use the foundations of Muay Thai in MMA! In this volume, Sifu Parker teaches basic Muay Thai stance, footwork, movement, punches and combinations, defensive movement, and counter punching.

Vol 2:
Muay Thai- [18743D]

Learn Muay Thai from one of the best practitioners in the game, Saekson JanJira.

Volume 1: Mechanics of Basics, Hands, Shifting and Elbows

Volume 2: Mechanics of Kicking, Knees, Blocking

Volume 3: Drills

Paul Vunak's Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts Series- [PVSET]

Get seven volumes of the best real world techniques from one of the world's leading self-defense experts, Paul Vunak. This three disk set has been remastered with updated graphics and covers several different tactics and techniques. Total running time

Potent DVD - [18030D]
Potent DVD: Potent will bring you inside the minds of the best and most complete fighters in the world, giving you an inside view of Mixed Martial Arts shown in a way you never saw before.
Rapid Fire DVD- [18853D]

Tone up with this unique exercise DVD. Let Susan Chung help you sculpt the body that you want by kicking, boxing, and going through her unique core burning workout. Prepare for stunning results. Approx. 90min.

Rock Solid Competition Bo Staff with Jarrett Leiker- [189328D]

Jarrett Leiker has been a lifelong practitioner of martial arts, starting at age 3 under the instruction of Jill and Bob Leiker. Jarrett is a 16-time professional world champion, including titles in NASKA, WKA, WSKF and NBL. He is also a 3-time SKIL

Rock Solid Traditional Competition Form with Jarrett Leiker- [189329D]

Jarrett Leiker is a 16-time professional world champion. He holds world titles in point sparring, traditional weapons, creative weapons, musical weapons, and traditional forms. In this Competition Form DVD Leiker will show you the basic steps of a tra

Tenshin Dojo Aikido M Fujitani- [18777D]

The director of the Tenshin Dojo, Miyako Fujitani shares her knowledge in Aikido with the world.

Twilight Samurai- [18240D]

Follow humble samurai Iguchi who struggles to look after his two young daughters as well as his mother-in-law after his wife tragically dies. At the same time a clan war breaks out and Iguchi is forced to help save his village. 2002. Running time: 130

UFC® Ultimate Knockouts 7- [18567D]

Watch the greatest UFC knockouts of all time with this hard hitting DVD. Special feature: footage and commentary honoring Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell's UFC history. Not rated. 60 minutes.

Wavemaster® Extreme Core Workout with Beth Morrison- [189110D]

In Wavemaster® Extreme Core Workout, Beth Morrison introduces you to a new world of cardio workouts. The DVDs will leave you leaner and inspired to come back for more. Join Beth as she leads you through a series of boxing combinations, drills and ligh

White Belt to Blue Belt- [PMA2D]

Learn fundamental and key elements of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro in this helpful series of DVDs.

Volume 1: Positions in Closed Guard

Volume 2: Specific and Daily Drills

Volume 3: Open and P

Wrestling into MMA with Marc Fiore- [189515D]

Marc Fiore's professional coaching career highlights include coaching the US Army's World Class Athlete Program, winning numerous National Championships; the 2000 Army US Olympic Trials team; US Olympic wrestling coaching staff in 2000, and coaching

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