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UFC® 100 lb Heavy Bag- [10107]
High leather grain polyurethane construction simulates real leather. Includes woven backing to increase the strength of the polyurethane shell and a four-part gas welded chain. The galvanized chain is secured to the bag with high strength riveted strap a
UFC® Compression Short with Cup- [14183P]

UFC Compression shorts are constructed of a polyester/spandex stretch material that features a flat seam and vented panels on the inner and outer legs to help keep the body cool. An elastic waistband and a vented cup pocket maximize breathablility. Th

UFC® Folding Mat- [15215]

This accordion mat consists of five easy-folding 2' panels that are lighter weight for handling and storage. Each side has a 2" hook/loop fastener to allow attachment to other UFC folding mats. Constructed of closed-cell polyethene foam covered in 18

UFC® Grappling Dummy - [101101]
Now you can find the right size for every level of MMA training! The heavy-duty vinyl construction is designed specifically for commercial use. The torso shape simulates a real training partner to allow you to perfect both throwing and pounding technique
UFC® Leather Muay Thai Shield- [14503]
The bottom hook/loop strap secures around the outside of the forearm, near the elbow. The top grip bar is held with the palm of the hand facing the shield, allowing the user to have precise control to block forceful strikes.Size: 7" x 15-1/2" x 3-1/2"Col
UFC® Long Focus Mitt- [145061]

This is the ultimate training target for martial arts. The punch mitt is ideal for practicing punches, straight-on jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. The unique contoured shape creates superb target control and can be worn on either hand. It includes high-d

UFC® MMA Training Gloves- [143411]

Ideal for any new MMA enthusiast with durable vinyl construction. Features cut fingers, padded knuckles, and wrap-around straps for added wrist support.

Sizes: S/M, L/XL

Colors: Distressed or Black/Red

UFC® MMA Training Station- [101641P]

This highly versatile MMA Training Station is ideal to practice kicks, punches, elbows, knees and various combinations. The built in core strengthening stations and resistance band channels are designed for a multitude of workouts including lunges, ab

UFC® Muay Thai Heavy Bag- [10108]
Constructed of leather grain polyurethane that simulates the look and feel of real leather. Includes a woven backing to give the polyurethane shell the strength of leather, Features a four-part welded galvanized chain that is secured to the bag with high
UFC® OcTek 100 lb Oversized MMA Training Bag- [101053]

This larger than life bag weighs in at 100 lbs and is the ultimate training bag for high intensity workouts. This bag is ideal for practicing various punches, kicks, knees, elbows and combinations all while getting an incredible workout. Constructed o

UFC® OcTek 80 lb Oversized MMA Training Bag- [101013]

This 80 lb MMA training bag is a great way to get an intense workout. This exciting new training bag is perfect for practicing kicks, punches, elbows, knees and combinations. Constructed of the innovative OcTek fabric that features woven, interlocking

UFC® Official Fight Glove- [143441]

The glove is designed to naturally contour to the knuckles in a compact, curved shape to reduce hand fatigue. The open palm design allows maximum dexterity for grappling and fully-adjustable wrist wraps provide extra support. Constructed from 100% ge

UFC® Tear Drop Bag- [10109]
Perfect for MMA training! Heavy leather grain polyurethane construction simulates real leather and includes a woven backing to give the shell the strength of leather. Features a four-part welded galvanized chain with special stitched decoy rivets and zip
UFC® Weighted Forearm Sleeves- [1542]

Ergonomical, pull-on style forearm sleeves ar equipped with 1.5 lbs. of weight to maximize strength and endurance training. Neoprene sleeves with top and bottom adjustments allow a superior comfort fit. Imported.

Sizes: S/M, L/XL


UFC® Weighted Gloves- [1544]

Strengthen your arms and hands with these 2-lb. weighted gloves constructed with soft neoprene to enhance the comfort factor. Finger and thumb loops allow full dexterity, while hook and loop wrist strap provides a secure fit. Imported.


UFC® Weighted Jump Rope- [1535]

This jump rope provides an easy and fun cardio workout with removeable 0.5 lb weights on each handle and rubber grips to prevent slippage. Ergonomic handles reduce hand strain, and durable polyurethane rope makes this a lasting item in your daily wor

UFC® Weighted Shin Sleeves- [1541]

Add resistance to your workouts and maximize your leg strength and muscle stamina with the 2.5 lb. ergonomically designed shin sleeves. The pull-on styler with top and bottom adjustments allow an easy, secure fit. Imported.

Sizes: S/M, L/XL

UFC® Weighted Vest- [1540]

Push your MMA workouts and fitness training to a new intense level with this 15-lb. neoprene vest with built-in iron sand weight filling, adjustable straps for a custom, secure fit, and an open design to maximize range of motion. Imported.


UFC® Youth MMA Training Set- [144110YP]

Train just like your favorite UFC athlete with this Youth MMA Training Set includes a pair of youth bag gloves that feature a cushioned grip bar along with an attached thumb and an elastic wrist wrap for easy on and off. The headgear includes padding

Ultimate UFC® MMA Glove- [143421]
Built to the same specs as the official UFC® Fight Glove with fully adjustable wrist wrap for maximum support. Constructed from polyurethane to be durable yet supple and ideal for training.

Sizes:S, M, L, XL or XXL
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