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Muay Thai Ring Wars Series Titles- [WARD]

Volume 1 Europe vs Thailand (6 Fights) #WARD-001 Approx. 60min
Volume 2 Europe vs Thailand (2 Fights) Features World Champion Rob Kaman #WARD-002 Aprrox. 60min
Volume 3 Europe vs Thailand (6 Fights) #WARD-003 Appro

Rob Kaman's Muay Thai Kickboxing Series Titles- [KAMAND]

Eight titles to choose from.

Volume 1: Bag Training Approx. 50 min. #KAMAND-001
Volume 2: Clinching and Knee Techniques Approx. 90 min. #KAMAND-002
Volume 3: Blocks and Counters Approx. 100 min. #KAMAND

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