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Danny Padilla's Body Building Series Titles- [BD]

Video Dictionary Of Body Building Terminology #BD-001
Building A Mr. Universe - Chest #BD-002
Building A Mr. Universe - Back & Traps #BD-003
Building A Mr. Universe - Shoulders And Neck #BD-004

MA School Success Titles- [WOODD]

How To Set and Reach Your Goals Quickly #WOODD-001
Winning Advertising Techniques #WOODD-002
Winning Marketing and Communication #WOODD-003
Winning Sales Techniques #WOODD-004
Winning School

Mike Bridges Mastering Series Titles- [POWERD]

Salem Assli's Savate French Foot Fighting Series Titles- [VATEDV]

Ten titles to choose from.

Volume 1: Stretching and Conditioning Approx. 41 min. #VATEDV-001
Vol. 2: Fundamentals Approx. 60 min. #VATEDV-002
Volume 3: Beginning Offensive Fighting Approx. 58 min. #VATED

Training Series Titles- [MCIAD]

Mitt Training Vol. 1 Hand Techniques #MCIAD-001
Mitt Training Vol. 2 Kicking #MCIAD-002
Mitt Training Vol. 3 Hand and Foot Combos #MCIAD-003
Advanced Equipment Techniques #MCIAD-004

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