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Century® Black Label Curved Punch Mitts- [142012]

Get the most out of your training with these durable punch mitts. Designed to hold up to everyday use, these polyurethane mitts offer a secure fit featuring a contoured ball grip along with guided channels for proper finger placements. The hook and lo

Century® Black Label Grappling Headgear- [142008]

This headgear is made out of a durable polyurethane and features strategically placed foam padding for unsurpassed performance. the elastic design allows for an ideal balance of comfort, fit, and function. Imported.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Century® Black Label Grappling Shin/Instep Guards- [142005]

These guards feature a durable polyurethane skin with a neoprene backing. The gel padding provides amazing impact absorption. Hook and loop closures keep these guards secured to your leg. Imported.

Sizes: S/M, L/XL

Color: Black/R

Century® Black Label Knee Pads- [14922]

Century Black Label Knee Pads combine elastic sleeve compression with foam padding for ultimate coverage around your knee joint. The sleeve will help keep your knee in the correct position and prevent chafing. the foam absorbs and dissipates impact du

Century® Gold Leather Fight Gloves- [143000]

This glove features an open-thumb, open-palm design with sectional padding for improved dexterity. Constructed of genuine leather with high-end, shock-repellent foam and a wrap-around wrist strap with hook/look closure. Red and blue gloves have Clinc

Century® Short Focus Mitt- [144012]

Roll with the punches in this polyurethane focus mitt featuring a contoured wrist and palm target. The palm is constructed of breathable, quick drying dopling fabric and the shorter design allows far more focused punches. Imported.

Sold in pai

Century® Silver MMA Gloves- [144000]

Stay ahead of the competition with a Century MMA Glove! Constructed of durable polyurethane with sectional padding for better movement, super soft, very high rebound foam and high end shock absorbing foam. Features an open thumb and a wrap around wri

Jaco® Gardian Cup Compression System- [14218]

The guardian compression short and athletic cup system for MMA delivers unparalleled support where it counts the most. Adjustable polypropylene straps provide a secure, comfortable fit. Imported.

Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL

Leather Full-Face Headgear- [143007]

Constructed of genuine leather exterior and breathable, quick-drying Dopling fabric on the interior with an extra layer of EVA foam on the forehead area for increased coverage. Headgear also features a shaped jaw guard and hook/loop closure on the ba

Leather Heavy Bag Gloves- [143003]

This uniquely designed glove features a palm constructed of moisture wicking mesh for better water absorption and breathability. The exterior is made of genuine leather and is filled with high-compression, injection-molded foam with 2-1/2" wide, wrap-

Men's Wrist Wrap Bag Gloves- [14993P]

Lean construction features DiamondTech fabric engineered with a high tensile strength specifically for combat sports ideal for skill development during heavy bag, speed bag, or fitness training. Features a cushioned grip bar, open thumb, and open palm

Powerline Wavemaster®- [101622]

Vinyl covers twice as much high density foam as the original Wavemaster. Eight height adjustments from 47 inches to 68 inches. Base fills with sand or water and is rounded for easy roll relocation. Weighs approximately 270 lbs when filled.


Stroops 20' Anaconda- [ANACON]

Build explosive upper and lower body strength along with a superior cardio workout. 20 foot rope stretches to 60 feet and comes in three different resistance levels.

Weights: Medium (77 LBS), Heavy (105 LBS), or Very Heavy (150 LBS)

TapouT® Mouthguard- [1460T]

Advanced mouthguard for the fiercest competitors. Backed by a $30,000 Dental Warranty, the TapouT mouthguard’s patented design was painstakingly created by a team of dentists, doctors and professional athletes. Two mouthguards are included in each pac

TapouT® Mouthguard Case- [1461T]

Show your style and keep up to two mouthguards clean with this TapouT Mouthguard Case. Mouthguards not included.

The Double Gun- [MAGUN2]

The Double Gun will activate all of the muscles that you need to move your arms and legs. Helps to build explosive power and quickness! Complete with four Slastix resistance bands, hanress, two ankle cuffs, and two wrist straps. Imported/USA.


UFC® Classic Shorts- [090010]

The 100% Polysatin stretch constructed shorts feature a large UFC logo running down the left leg and a smaller logo on the bottom front of theright leg. Split outseams allow more kicking freedom while the black-trimmedwaistband with an embroidered UF

UFC® Official Fight Glove- [143441]

The glove is designed to naturally contour to the knuckles in a compact, curved shape to reduce hand fatigue. The open palm design allows maximum dexterity for grappling and fully-adjustable wrist wraps provide extra support. Constructed from 100% ge

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