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Color  BLACK, Size  1/2
Color  BLACK, Size  3/4
Color  BLACK, Size  5/6
Color  BLACK, Size  7/8
Color  BLACK, Size  9/10
Color  BLACK, Size  11/12
Color  WHITE, Size  1/2
Color  WHITE, Size  3/4
Color  WHITE, Size  5/6
Color  WHITE, Size  7/8
Color  WHITE, Size  9/10
Color  WHITE, Size  11/12
Color  BLUE, Size  1/2
Color  BLUE, Size  3/4
Color  BLUE, Size  5/6
Color  BLUE, Size  7/8
Color  BLUE, Size  9/10
Color  BLUE, Size  11/12
Color  RED, Size  1/2
Color  RED, Size  3/4
Color  RED, Size  5/6
Color  RED, Size  7/8
Color  RED, Size  9/10
Color  RED, Size  11/12
Color  PINK, Size  1/2
Color  PINK, Size  3/4
Color  PINK, Size  5/6
Color  PINK, Size  7/8
Color  PINK, Size  9/10
Color  PINK, Size  11/12
Color  WHITE, Size  15/16
Color  BLACK, Size  13/14
Color  WHITE, Size  13/14
Color  RED, Size  13/14
Color  BLUE, Size  15/16
Color  BLUE, Size  13/14
Color  WHITE, Size  CHILD 12/13
Color  BLUE, Size  CHILD 12/13
Color  RED, Size  CHILD 12/13
Color  PINK, Size  CHILD 12/13
Color  BLACK, Size  CHILD 12/13
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These high top boots provide great coverage with reinforced bottom straps that aid traction. The contoured design adds better air flow for a cooler more comfortable feel and adjustable ankle straps include hook/loop closure

Colors: Blue, Red, Black, White or Pink

Sizes: Child 12/13; Adult 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/16 (13/14, 15/16 not available in Pink)

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