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Balicki and Inosanto's Jun Fan Gung Fu Series Titles

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Diana Inosanto is the featured cover story in magazines including Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu , and Inside Karate. She has trained in Jun Fan Gung Fu (Jeet Kune Do), Filipino Kali, Thi boxing and other arts for almost her entire life. She is a working Hollywood actress, stuntwoman and model.

See how Balicki and Inosanto put it all together in realistic Bruce Lee inspired self defense. Two volume titles to choose from.

Volume 1: JKD Trapping Instruction influenced by Lee's Jeet Kune Do philosophy. Techniques include: Lap Sao (English), Double Pak Sao technique and cycle, Pak Sao technique and cycle. Various Focus Mitt Trapping drills. Approx. 50 min. #189249D
Volume 2: JKD Kickboxing Instruction influenced by Lee's Jeet Kun Do philosophy. Techniques include: entries off opponents sidekicks series. Entries off round kick series, Ha Pac (English), Jeet Que (English), Jeet Que Juk (English). Approx. 50 min. #189250D

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