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Lil' Dragon® ABC Bully Defense B: Bargain With The Bully

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Lil' Dragon's ABC's of Bully Defense will help a child build character and confidence as they learn the proven skills needed to make the right choices when confronted by a bully. Learn to identify a bully; How do they look? How do the act? What do they say? Learn who might be a victim of a bully.

This three prong approach to conflict education is the most complete system being taught today. Beyond the academic lessons, The ABC's of Bully Defense include physical drills that will help reinfoce whatever action a child decides to act upon.

In this program learn specific techniques used to de-escalate conflict in a positive manner. Techniques include: using humor, using trickery, cleverness, reasoning skills and how to stand up to a bully. Includes basic physical skills and drills taught to beginning martial artists. Live action dramatizations.

Approx. 53 min.

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