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"KickforceTM  kickboxing is a marriage of aerobics and martial arts which creates a distinctive high-powered, high energy workout. It increases endurance and enhances cardiovascular power while also strengthening the body and the mind."


This high calorie burning (up to 700 calories)/light choreography class not only promotes positive psychological benefits and increases self-esteem, but you feel stronger and more energetic after the workout and walk away feeling better about yourself.


We do not spar in this class! We do everything a boxer and/or kickboxer does to get ready for a championship fight.  Kicking is great for the abs, buns and thighs.  Punching is great for the back, arms and shoulders.  It is a "full-body workout," utilizing punches and kicks with precision and power.  Participants will strengthen their upper body and eventually see more muscle definition. 

In fact, all of the moves, when done correctly, will make the torso into a solid base that lets you do everyday tasks more easily whether carrying a child or just walking from your car to your home with grocery bags.

KickforceTM offers a real challenge to the mind and body and is a fun, muscle-toning, fat burning, butt blasting, abs-kicking workout!Now is the Time to
Burn Fat  -  Lose Weight  -  Kick Butt

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Abs of Steel