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Jacque P
Retired Army Sergeant


I, for one, want to express my thanks for your guidance and keen instructorship in the classes I attend - namely kickboxing and core conditioning.  I will say this, as a retired soldier with combat experience, who is now coping with chronic back and knee injuries, your training closely parallels many aspects of the Army's special operations' physical conditioning.  I went through Psychological Operations and Civil Affairs training in the 90s at Fort Bragg at the Special Operations Warfare training center and we did what you're guiding us through and then some - twice a day!

And, as a former Army leader who developed and carried out my own physical fitness program for my soldiers in war, I learned a key component of any effective training regimen is to engage as many muscle groups as possible around a given, or specific category. 
I myself, have started transforming my physique to approximate where it was in my earlier Army years, and it's a direct result of your class - AND, more importantly how you diversify the training.  Also, as many exercise experts know, the body gets used to patterned exercise routines and therefore, through muscle memory, starts economizing movement, reducing the overall value and cardio and strength benefits.  When you mix it up, it forces the body to engage different muscle groups, which further sculpts and tones the physique.  
Also, as a former youth (Golden Gloves) boxer, condition drills were something we did everyday, along with tactical training in the ring.  In short, if you do the EXACT same thing every day it has a negating effect over time. 
So, thank you, and I hope most of us appreciate what you're doing, because in all of my experience, which is substantial, you're one of the very best instructors out here and we're damn lucky to have you!!!!
Susan Johnson, Business Owner
Fitness Gym
Me First!!! That's what it took for me to finally lose weight. For years, I deferred my own needs and sacrificed my personal goals in order to build a thriving business and raise a family. As a result, I gained weight. So I made the choice to put myself first. An amazing thing happened...I lost 40 lbs in 10 weeks and 6 dress sizes. By exercising and making healthier food choices I am finally achieving my personal goals. I feel great about myself and my success.

Kammie Lisenby, Business Owner
Simply Efficient

Cliff has changed my life! I never felt comfortable or considered working with a personal trainer (especially a male) until I met Cliff. As a woman, you want to feel comfortable, confident and most of want to see results instantly. I can attest that Cliff will change your life. He is an amazing individual and I'm overjoyed to call him a dear friend. Whether you're new to personal training or you need motivation, Cliff is the only trainer in town I'll see and refer... 

Carleigh Johnson
This program pushed me way harder than I would ever push myself.  Cliff is very motivating!  He has an awesome energy level and truly cares about his client's success in the program.  Cliff makes me want to give it my all.  I haven't sweat this much in years - it is awesome and I feel so proud of myself when I complete a work-out!

Cliff is the biggest factor in why I am taking this class.  He is very knowledgeable, extremely motivating and keeps things interesting!  He pushes us harder and harder each week - switching up the routine!  

I have seen some awesome results with Cliff's XBC program.  My clothes are fitting looser and I have definitely gained lean muscle mass.  The summer has been a tough one for me - as far as diet, alcohol consumption and working out - and without, cliff's class I can say without a doubt, I would have gained weight.  I am very thankful for Cliff and the program!

Pam Williams
Cliff’s Extreme Boot Camp has changed the shape of my body while losing weight at the same time.  I like the fast-paced stations that combine cardio with strength training simultaneously.  Cliff always motivates, answers your questions and helps with modification, if needed.  I wear a heart-rate-monitor while training with Cliff and I consistently burn around 600 calories per class and maintain 30-45 minutes in my training zone.  My clothes fit loser and I can actually see muscles I never knew I had!  I have triceps!

Rebecca Uyleman

I have been training with Cliff in Boot Camp since June.  My body has completely transformed.  I have been stopped on the street on numerous occasions with people commenting my on my chiseled physique and have inquired about my training.  I owe most of this to you, addition to training I do on my own.  I too instruct at OAC and look to you for mentorship.  You are a fabulous leader and motivator.  I love your tone in class and overall teaching style...after all...this is Boot Camp and I expect to be pushed beyond my limit.  You bring teamwork and positivity to the classroom.  Not only have I gained a fabulous body but I also have gained new acquaintances and experiences through your Boot Camp Training.
My husband is a retired Marine and is ecstatic that I am participating in Boot Camp.  What a fabulous addition to OAC and I also feel that OAC should target non members to participate (i.e. at local venues and promote word of mouth), resulting in possible new OAC Memberships and a wide range of visibility for the club.  Cliff, you are fabulous!

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